Liam Bonney: Web Dev for Game Devs

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About Me

I’m Liam Bonney, a creative web designer with experience in the web hosting business. I am also the founder of TheIndieGamesLab, a project launched to provide a platform for Game Developers from all levels of experience to learn, grow and share their creations and knowledge with a commuinity. I have worked as a designer, developer and system administrator. 

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What I do

This has allowed me to acquire a wide range of skills that I can efficiently apply when providing my services to clients. Having worked for a wide range of businesses like hosting companies, internet marketing and development agencies, I understand the principles of design, development, hosting and SEO.


I have always loved designing websites, from a young age, this passion turned from a hobby to a full time job which I love. I have had the pleasure of working with some fantastic companies during my time working in the industry, delivering sites that they love.


Over the years working as a web designer, I have gained vastly improved my web dev skills. I have been able to work along side incredibly talented developers in the industry also allowing me to deliver a wider range of services to my clients.

Community Leader

Being a designer I have found myself designing all sorts of things, including games! This led me to be involved in the indie games community, I have even built a discord community dedicated to designers, developers and more in the indie games community.

System Administrator

I have industry experience working for large hosting companies which have I have obtained the skills I need to be able to assist my clients with a wide range of queries, from DNS to hosting solutions.